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Grow Your Business

Unitree is designed to bridge the gap between student consumers and student run businesses. Increase the efficiency and scalability of your business.

Speed & Security

Flexibility & Scalability

Who Are We?

  • Our platform facilitates the convergence of customers and business owners within universities, providing businesses with the capability to manage their product and service offerings as well as events. Customers are able to conveniently purchase the goods and services offered on the platform.

  • It is designed to aid the processes of existing university businesses as well as inspire new students to start one for themselves.

Why are we neccesary?

Not enough is in place to aid young entrepreneurs looking to start startup businesses.

At present, several businesses that are established within university settings may encounter challenges in managing their operations, particularly with regards to the lack of reliable booking systems. As a result, many resort to leveraging social media channels for communication and sales tracking. While platforms such as Instagram and TikTok have emerged as primary channels for these businesses, their overreliance on social media posts may hinder their visibility to potential customers. With many students entering university and finding it difficult to find businesses offering services or products they require in the new location they have recently joined.

Unitree aims to provide a centralized platform for these businesses, allowing customers to conveniently search and filter through various establishments across different universities. The app will enable societies and businesses to post events, which can further drive traffic to the platform. By providing additional value to customers beyond booking and purchasing, the app may increase the likelihood of them engaging with and ultimately booking the services offered.

With the Right Software, Great Things Can Happen

With Unitree  businesses will be able to coexist in one place where us as customers will be able to filter and search for businesses in our specific university, or any university that the customer pleases. 

This software will not only make it easier for a startup service or product business to manage, hence encouraging more startups; but with the large network Unitree provides, businesses will be able to grow at a faster rate. 

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